November 27, 2007

I have been 'tagged' . . . 7 weird things about me!

I have been tagged to list 7 weird things about me (this could get hard)! I don't think I am a weird person so we will see how far I get w/ the list . . . (hee)

1. I can't stand for water to be in my ears . . I have to clean them out after every shower I take (Q-tips)!!!

2. I make all kinds of notes to myself on my daily planner, at work, etc . . but rarely ever go back and read them again! Hum . . maybe I should today at lunch and see if I have missed anything! LOL!

3. I can't eat anything with 'nuts' in it (ie. Snickers), but love 'nuts' by theirselves! I know . . weird!

4. I still don't freakin' know how to do 'links' in this darn blog in a post! ARGH! Could someone please FIX this 'weird-ness #4'???! Hee!

5. I dip my fries in a mixture of ketchup & mayo! Yummy!

6. I always have to have a glass of water when I go to bed, you never know when you might wake up in the middle of the night and get thirsty. :)

7. I hate all my scrapbook work and want to tearup each layout or item and redo it b/c I don't think it is good enough! :(

Ok . . so I guess I am a weird person . . . I will come back and post who I will tag in a bit! :)


Lori G. said...

Links: Type what you want it to show in the blog like "click here" for example. Highlight it. Then click on that funky looking grey/green chain link icon. Paste the link there instead of the http... and you're done!

But you're still weird! :) And I disagree with #7 ;)

Andrea said...


Heather said...

lol Shanna- on your #3- I do the exact same thing! It drives my hubby crazy!

Angel said...

I have to show hubby this. He thinks I am the only weird one that uses q tips every time after I shower.