January 3, 2008

2008 Cyber Journal . . .

I think I am going to try this Cyber Journal thing on here . . a group of ladies on a board I visit are doing this and I decided I will do mine on my blog. They 'say' you can scrap it, but there is NO WAY IN ____; well you know that I can sit down and do a layout everyday! So where better to do it than here. It will kinda be like a Journal Jar in a way . . .

So since I am already behind . . here are the first 3 questions:

January 1st: What is your new years resolution? Why? Do you think you will keep it? If you didn't make a resolution, why not? Mine is to scrap at least 1 layout a week, try to catch up on the boys albums, take more pictures, be more organized, work on our budget, keep this blog up better, draw more sketches, do more crafts, workout, eat healthier, lose weight . . . um . . ok I guess I will quit! LOL! Do I think I will keep it? Um . . I at least hope I stick to 1/2 of my list! HA!

January 2nd: What is your favorite color? Why? Does it change? If so, how often and why? Yellow is my favorite color, but yes it does change and now I am LOVING pink's and browns . . starting to really like blue too though!

January 3rd: What was your first car? How old were you? Who bought it? Did youlike it? Hate it? How long did you have it? I had a 2-toned S-10 truck (that died on left hand turns) to start w/ until I learned to drive a stick . . then I got a Nissan Sentra 4-door. Totaled that one out though after a year or two . . . I loved the fun of driving the stick, but hated them both! I really tried for the sports car, but my parents wouldn't budge! Dang it!

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