January 15, 2008

Cyber Journal 1/15/08

Jan 15 - 10 things you really like about yourself?

This is going to be hard!

1 - I like that my nails grow fast, but I get fed up w/ them really quick and chop them off in rage!
2 - I like that my hair grows fast when I NEED it to, but when I don't need it too; it still does! ARGH!
3 - I like that I have a small spark of creativity, might not be the best, but there is a smidgen there! LOL!
4 - I like that I have a good handful (or two) of good cyber friends; that I hope to meet in person one day!
5 - I like my height . . it is average! I like it! LOL!

(This is getting hard!!!!!!!!!)

6 - I like my ability to not care what I look like 1/2 the time! Slob or not!
7 - I like that I can cook if I need to cook! LOL!
8 - I like that I am doing this journal b/c it is making me think hard! LOL!
9 - I like my husband!
10 - I like my boys!

Ok . . ok . . I know . . the last ones (or few) shouldn't count! I will come back and change if I can think of some 'good' ones! LOL! Sorry . . . should have stuck with 'list 5 things'!!! LOL!

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