January 20, 2008

Cyber Journal

Jan. 19 - What are you pessimistic about?

My work! I hate my scrapbook work and never think it is good enough. I constantly want to rip it up and redo it. Sad . . I know! Just the way I am.

Jan. 20 - What bugs you?

Hum . . . everything? No really. Stupid people, liars, lazy people. Um . . my husband that throws his laundry on his side of the bed and expects me to just 'know' that it is there when there is a basket for dirty clothes just 3 steps away from where he piles them? Um . . a husband that 'zones' out on football when you scream and scream at him for some help with the children . . sorry . . those last two are 'fresh' on my mind right now! :) I am sure I have more, but I do have to go to bed tonight!

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