February 15, 2008

Cyber Journal 2/15!

Feb. 15 - Tell something about each of your children, their personalities, their talents, traits, that make them different and special.

Caleb seems to be very laid back. He can sometimes entertain himself for 30 minutes straight. He is very loving and seems to be protective of his brother at times.
Carson seems to be more uptight at times. Very needy (although Caleb is sometimes too).
They both get tired of being around each other for periods of time, but that is expected. Heck I would get tired of my sibling too if I were around them as much! LOL!
And they both switch personalities alot! Carson will have days where he is very protective and caring towards Caleb too! They both are very loving when their brother is sick . . they can 'feel' that they don't feel good.
One thing I do know is, it is very neat watching them and the way their personalities change from day to day! Love it!


CMB said...

David is very smart. He is constantly thinking and building. He is NON stop. He can be very independant, but also really is a Momma's boy.
Ava is a riot. She is VERY funny. She is much more needy and likes to be occupied by people rather than things. She is a lovey dovey girl.

CMB said...
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