February 18, 2008

Cyber Journal 2/16!

Feb. 16 - People you've met that you gained the most from?

Hum . . I would probably have to say my online buddies! Each one has their own personalities and traits that make them unique!

Like Kelci - I love how she is so crafty and thrifty! She is bold enough to say how she feels and goes for what she wants. I wish I could be more like that!

And Keeley - She is so active and outgoing! Amazing! Yah . . I need to be more active for my belly line! LOL!

And gosh . . so many more, but I probably should get to work! LOL!


CMB said...

I have to agree...my blogger friends have added a lot to my life.

keels&peanut said...

I love ya too Shanna...now go play some volleyball!!