February 12, 2008

Cyber Journal Catch-up!

Feb. 9 - What do you do after you make a mistake?
Hum . . usually try to fix it before anyone finds out what I did! LOL!

Feb. 10 - Nobody knows that you...
. . . love to eat mayo and ketchup w/ my fries? . . . collect Winnie the Pooh snowglobes? . . . use to eat my McD's burgers w/ fries on them???

Feb. 11 - What are your favorite movies and why?
My all time favorite is the Goonies . . but I could watch Sweet Home Alabama over and over again!

1 comment:

Flower said...


I love all your stuff and your blog is AWESOME! You've inspired me to start upkeeping mine. I have a question, where do you get your cyber journal topics? I love them!! I think that if I had topic I would post more on my blog.

I hate that I am always going on and on about nothing.

(bbc scrapbooking board)