February 27, 2008

Cyber Journal Catch-up!

Feb. 24 - Your 10 Greatest Joys?

This could get hard!
My boys for one!
My husband!
Where I am in my life right now AND where I want to go . .
My family!
My hobby . . .
"MY" time to do as I wish . . great stress reliever to just have 'some' time!
The future . . weird one I know . . but you have to think it will be great!
Hum . . is that enough?

Feb. 25 - When you're on top of the world...

I am HAPPY! (Stupid I know . . . but it is my journal!)

Feb. 26 - Nobody knows that you...

Feel depressed and stressed to the max very often! Lots of stuff going on in my head!

Feb. 27 - What age were you most inspired?

Probably within the last few years really. I am inspired to for my family! The most important thing in the world to me right now!

1 comment:

CMB said...

Great questions! My 10 greatest joys are:
-my kids
-my husband
-my family
-my friends
-the beach
-The Yanks
I'm on top of the world when I am with the kids and Steve having a great time.
Nobody knows that I really should buy the next size clothes :)
I was most inspired at 27 - when I had David. Totally changed my life.