February 21, 2008

Cyber Journal

Feb. 20 - What color is your nail polish and make-up?
No nail polish right now, but usually my toes are RED or Brown tones!

Feb. 21 - What color accessories do you prefer? (purses, jewelry, etc.)
I am a big 'neutral' girl, but I am leaning more toward light blues and reds now for some reason w/ my purses. I just got a new cell phone and I got 'BLUE' . . that is way out of my comfort range, but I love it! I would have normally got the good ole 'black'! But at last minute I said . . 'No, BLUE!' . . . LOL! Not sure what got into me, but I love it!

1 comment:

CMB said...

I have acrylic nails and I always get the pink and while permanent french.

I like color, but black too. Right now I have a Vera Bradley purse and diaper bag that match. They are the blue and brown pattern.