February 6, 2008

Design Team Call . . .

Want your work posted with my sketches as an example to others?

I will pick 2 people to design layouts/cards for my sketches each month. If you think you can commit to at least FOUR (or more) layouts/cards a month then this is for you!

If you are interested . . . pick any 2 sketches already on the blog and send me your version of it. Designers for the month of March will be announced on Feb. 20th!

If you are picked for March you will be put right to work on some sketches to post ASAP!

My email is slewter@aristotle.net - Good Luck to all that are interested!

ETA: March will be a trial period. If it works out well and there is enough response . . I would love to keep doing it each month!

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