March 27, 2008

Cyber Journal

March 26 - One thing you want to accomplish TODAY is...
Since that was yesterday, I will answer in 'past tense' . . LOL!
I wanted to draw some sketches . . and I DID . . I drew 8 up. And when I finish stuffing my face lunch I will draw up some more . . .

March 27 - Who is one person who changed your life?
I think I would have to say my dh right now . . so much has changed in my life and way of life, and thinking since I have met him, married him, and have children w/ him!

1 comment:

CMB said...

#1 - take a shower!
#2 - my kids - David for changing my whole life and giving me a great companion - Ava for showing me that everything can be fun!