March 10, 2008

Cyber Journal

March 8 - How do you treat the people that irritate you?
Hum . . . basically . . ignore them I guess.

March 9 - What is the nicest thing you have done for someone?
Gosh . . way to put someone on the spot. I guess do things for people, or send little gifts, cards to let them know I am thinking of them. Hard one . . can't think . . I just do nice stuff and try not to think about it that much I guess.

March 10 - 10 of your absolute worst pet peeves:
Hum . . 10???
1) Don't like scrubbing the toilets or the shower!
2) Don't like 4 way stops! I mean . . really what is the point? People barely stop at those things anyway!
3) Don't like people that can't drive OR drive to slow when I need to be somewhere quick!
4) Don't like doctor's that pass you though as quick as you can just to see how many patients they can see in one day!
5) I don't like hubby's that are worst than children when they are sick!
6) Don't care for housework, but heck . . . someone's got to do it!
7) I hate it when someone burps in public!
8) I hate red lights!
9) I hate dishes!
10) I hate it when hubby's 'zone out' at the tv and completely ignore me!

Not sure if you guys noticed a few of the 'hubby' pet peeves . . . can we say it was a bad weekend? LOL!

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CMB said...

Ignorance is bliss!