March 20, 2008


Ok . . . FIRST: I don't know whether to be mad at my friends for lying to me (Shana YOU TOO, since that frame was NOT for a 'college buddy')or happy, but hot dog . . . I got a sock monkey purse!
I don't know why, but I have been wanting one of these freakin' sock monkey purses FOREVER! BUT . . Mrs. Crafty Mama herself said she took it off Etsy for her "trunk show" (remember the elephant card??? Yeh . . that was for her!) so I just 'assumed' it had sold b/c it is such an awesome bag! Liar! BUT OMG . . I am so, so happy. Now sock monkey's girl friend needs to make her way to my homestead too! LOL!

If you haven't realized by now . . I AM VERY THANK FUL! Thank you, thank you! OMG . . TY!

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