March 19, 2008

Thank you, THANK YOU . . . OMG THANK YOU!

So I get home and stop to grab the mail . . the box is stuffed w/ junk mail, magazines, bills . . . a card which I thought wow! Cool . . LOVE HAPPY MAIL! And a bigger package . . I think it is just a swap envie that I am hosting. HA! I drive onto the house and there is a box AND another package envie on my doorstep that would not fit in my mail box . . WOW! SUPER happy mail! I love HAPPY MAIL!

So I open the card . . it was from my good friend Kelci! I feel like a doof . . so non-holiday spirit friend here . . no 'happy Easter cards' made . . no time to whip some up . . so I will make it up to you! Promise . . such a doof. But made my day b/c it is so cute! I really need to start doing more of those paperclip things! Cute, cute . . TY, TY!

Then I open a package from Shana . . with a another B-U-T-ful card . . and some goodies! I really feel like a REAL doof now! Thank you so much! I owe you one! Love that stamp . . where is everyone getting these? Must be a store I don't have in Arkansas! LOL!

So I move on to the next package and Shana . . . yet again! Another package from her (LOL). . Yes . . . A WHOLE separate package for my birthday! LOL! She got me some GRUNGE Board . . paper set . . letters . . LOVE IT ALL! You did WAY too much! Way too much . . but TY, TY! You KNOW it will go to good use!

Close up of my CTMH stamp set . . . I LOVE CTMH stamps . . I can't wait to dig into this one and use it!

And look at this frame she made me! I LOVE it, love it! Too, too cute! You are super talented girl! I just LOVE all the ribbon up the side! Love it and the pp!

Then . . . if that wasn't enough; I got this awesome package from Keeley! THANK YOU! It is a Me & My Big Ideas scrapbook kit! And some stamps and bling . . got to love bling! You can't have enough bling . . . {I wish my dh would read this} . . bling is a girls best friend, bling, bling, bling . . . LOL!

Thank you, Thank you girls! You are ALL way to sweet! And surprisingly my dh is actually letting me sb some this week (must be my birthday present from him since I told him not to buy me anything)!!! YAY! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

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CMB said...

Wow - you are one lucky girl! Happy Birthday.