April 10, 2008

Cyber Journal Catch-up!

So my 'question poster' is running behind so don't blame me people! LOL!

April 7 - Who are some of my favorite people? Why? Famous people or 'unfamous' people? LOL! I guess my family and friends (including my Cyber friends)!

April 8 - Who am I closest to in my immediate family? How did our relationship grow? Gosh . . . I guess my SIL's . . b/c one married my brother and on the other side I married their brother! LOL!

April 9 - What are my goals and dreams? To be rich? Have my own scrapbook store? Large family? Not have to work . . .

April 10 - What do I look like? You or me? HA! About 5'6'? Blonde hair, well it will be blonde'r come the summer . . . short hair, letting it grow back out? Heck . . A HOT SMOKIN' MAMA! (my picture is on the right) HEE>>>

April 11 - Who is my best friend? What is she/he like? In real life, Melissa . . although I don't see her much anymore since both of our lives got so busy w/ kids and 'family stuff'. She is goofy as all get out!

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