April 30, 2008

Cyber Journal CATCH-UP!

April 24 - Tell about home cures or old wives tales, hiccups, toothaches, earaches, arthritis.
The only one I can really think of off the top of my head is hiccups - I was always told to look at a bright light.

April 25 - Describe your wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses,
Hum . . special. I found it in a magazine and searched and searched for it. Tried lots on and nothing 'did' it for me. So our last chance boutique we searched and searched thru the racks and BAM . . the exact same wedding dress that was in the magazine! I tried it on and instantly 'cried' . . I 'knew' it was the one! We found another boutique that ordered it special for me and then did the alterations. I loved it. It was short, short sleeves a tiny bit off the shoulders . . beaded and bedazzled! LOL! (I will see if I have a picture of it soon)

April 26 - Write a description of your husband or wife.
Tall, dark, handsome? LOL! Really, he is tall, has dark hair . . and I think he is very handsome! LOL! Very laid back . . . that is what I love about him.

April 27 - Where did you live as a child - town, country, suburb, etc?
As a child I lived in a 'use to be' or 'seemed to me' small town. Guess it was small to me b/c I was small, but now as I look at it, it is the biggest town around! LOL!

April 28 - Do you have a favorite author why? who? Tell about your favorite books as a child - as an adult.
No favorite authors . . . no time to read! LOL!

April 29 - What do you feel has been the most significant world events that has taken place in your lifetime and why?
Oh my . . I remember the day the space shuttle exploded and probably the 9-11!

April 30 - Describe the most serious illness or accident that you have had.
Gosh . . not sure. I would have to say the pregnancy and birth and after effects of the boys was pretty stressful for me. Recovering from my c-section AND making trips back and forth to the NICU was hard. Then my c-section opening back up and becoming infected, um . . . didn't help matters! Pretty hard on me even though I tried not to show it or think about it b/c I had to worry about my boys! :(

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