April 22, 2008

Cyber Journal

April 17 - Write about your favorite pet.

I would assume it would be my cats. Daisy and Molly. Daisy still lives w/ my parents, but she was my baby! She is getting really old now though! And Molly, my dh gave her to me on Christmas one year.

April 18 - List 10 things you want to accomplish before it's too late.

10? Why such the long lists! LOL!
TRAVEL! I want to venture out and see places w/ my family!

April 19 - What was you favorite vacation or trip ever?

Washington D.C! Loved it! Also liked Arizona (Grand Canyon) too!

April 20 - What do you like on your pizza?


April 21 - What are your comfort foods?

Pizza! LOL! (Think that was on my mind though) . . . probably sweets!

April 22 - What are your favorite desserts?


April 23 - What fruit is your favorite? Least favorite?

Hum . . . CHOCOLATE? No . . . Strawberry? Don't really have a 'favorite' I guess. But I don't really care for bananna's . . I 'tolerate' them! LOL!

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