May 16, 2008

Friday Favorites!

So . . challenged (no . . TOLD to do so) by my friend Kelci, was THIS!

Every Friday now I will be listing some of my favorite things that I have found or done for that week. I hope to see more people follow along on their own blogs!

First off . . I got THESE CB embossing folders yesterday! I have yet to use them, but just KNOW by looking at them that I am going to love them and be buying MORE, many more very soon! LOL!

Spots & Dots Embossing Folder

Traffic Jam Embossing Folder

My Hobby Lobby does not have a great selection of the folders, but I did notice they are starting to carry the Disney dies and folders too! Hee . . just waiting for an excuse to buy them. Maybe a TRIP???

Another favorite I have my eye on is a storage rack that Hobby Lobby had sitting out yesterday when I was there. It looks awesome and perfect for my desk to put all my 'junk' that just floats around your scrap desk and doesn't really have a 'home'. I might head back next week and grab one w/ a coupon if I have time.

And last for today is this Bath Oil Spray I got this week from AVON. Loving it . . it has a scent that takes some getting use to, but also fights bugs too! Love it!

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