May 1, 2008


I challenge all of you to Pay (something) It Forward this week!

I got a little RAOK (Random Act of Kindness) in the mail yesterday from a dear, sweet, talented friend of mine and it just made my day! Everytime I get some 'happy' mail as I call it . . it just brightens my day.

So that is why I would like to challenge all of you . . . . GO and brighten someones day today, tomorrow, heck both days . . . sometimes it is more rewarding to send something out and see the happiness it brought someone than receiving something yourself! Lets all pass it on this week and next week and make this world a better (happy) place!

Whether it be a card, gift, helping someone in need . . . doesn't matter if it is big or small, just PIF and hopefully they in turn will PIF as well!

And a huge THANK YOU, THANK YOU to my dear friend! You are truly a sweetie!

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