June 17, 2008

Cyber Journal!

June 1 - Write about some places you went with your father.
We never really went anywhere just us that I can remember . . but we always went camping! I loved that b/c he made cobbler over the campfire and homemade ice cream!

June 2 - Write about some places that you went with your mother.
Gosh . . I guess we mostly did stuff as 'a family' . . but I guess shopping. She took me shopping alot when I was little for new clothes for school each year . . .

June 3 - What do you think about movies - what is your favorite movie and why?
I love movies! Love to be able to curl up (b/f kiddos) and shut all the blinds and just watch movies all day. My favorite all time is The Goonies, then next would be Sweet Home Alabama.

June 4 - If you could be an animal, which one would you choose and why?
Gosh . . this is a hard one. I guess a bird. Not sure why though other than you get to fly and live in trees or cool birdhouses!

June 5 - Describe a typical day during your Junior High years..
I am suppose to remember back that far? Really! Um . . go to all my classes, eat lunch . . hang around outside and gossip. LOL! Then back to classes.

June 6 - What kind of extra-curricular activities did you participate in at school?
Not many . . . I was in the choir and that was about it. My of my 'extra activities' were outside of school. LOL!

June 7 - Tell about the houses you lived in childhood - addresses, phone numbers, etc...
I don't think I will be sharing that info 'online' . . but the house I grew up in was pretty cool I thought. Had a HUGE living room w/ 1 whole side to build forts in!

June 8 - What do you think brings good or bad luck?
I think your attitude!

June 9 - Describe your wedding day.
It rained! It was awesome though . . . pretty . . . wouldn't have changed a thing other than making sure my SIL closed my sunroof on my car all the way b/f she parked it and let everyone decorate it! (Cough Ashley) . . . I picked birdseed out till the day I sold it and as we drove off . . got shaving cream in my hair from it leaking down thru the crack! LOL!

June 10 - What are your food preferences and how did they come about?
Love seafood . . . I guess my dad. I use to remember him grilling shrimp all the time! LOVED IT!

June 11 - How did your mother spend her time?
Hum . . . when we were younger sewing or cleaning . . .

June 12 - Were you responsible for household chores? What were they? Which did you enjoy most/ least?
YES . . we had 'monthly' chores and my brother and I would switch chores every other month. I hated getting the kitchen and doing dishes (still do). . . LOVED keeping the upstairs clean though! EASY!

June 13 - What are your most deeply held values?
Gosh . . . another hard one. I think I am trying to make new values up as I go and see my family grow. I love our family time . . .

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