June 30, 2008

Cyber Journal!

June 14 - Who do you look like your mom or dad? Describe why.
I think mostly my dad. He has a rounded face . . shorter, etc.

June 15 - What is something that always brings a smile to your face? Why?
My boys . . . well my boys giggles and smiles. Let me correct that! LOL!

June 16 - What is something that always makes you feel sad? Why?
When my boys are hurt . . .

June 17 - Describe the college you attended.
Which one? LOL! Big . . . had to walk long distances w/ a huge backpack. Was a PITA when it rained. :) Need more?

June 18 - What is your favorite day of the week and why?
Saturday . . get to sleep in and you still have another day b/f going back to work! :)

June 19 - What would be your ideal family pet? Why?
Dog . . . I have always wanted a golden retriever.

June 20 - What is your favorite food at Christmas time? Your favorite summertime food? Why?
The sweets! Cookies . . . etc . . anything SWEET!

June 21 - Who is your favorite athlete? Why?
Athlete? Come on! I don't have a favorite athlete? Let me change the direction and say Paula Dean here!

June 22 - Do you have a favorite professional sports team? Who? Why?
Um . . no! I am not a sports person. I use to like the Dallas Cowboys, but that was only b/c I thought the quarterback was cute! (Troy) (wink)

June 23 - What is your favorite board game? Why? What is your least favorite board game? Why?
Clue. I love the 'mystery' and challenge. Monopoly . . I HATE losing! And losing money at that! I hate being broke!

June 24 - What is your favorite type of pie? Can you make it? Have you tried?
Chocolate! Yes & yes . . . not as good as my mom's though! :)

June 25 - What is your favorite household chore to do? Your least favorite household chore to do?
Favorite - vacuum (super easy)
Least Favorite - dishes!

June 26 - If you could star in any movie which would it be and why?
Hum . . . Sweet Home Alabama . . . duh? The cutie pa-tootie! (Josh Lucas)

June 27 - Who would you choose for a leading man if you were the actress?
Ha . . . see above! :)

June 28 - Who is your favorite cartoon character?
I loved Dino from the flintstones as a kid . . . but now my kids have me on Elmo (not really a cartoon, but can be)!

June 29 - What is your favorite holiday? Why? What are your best memories of it?
Christmas . . . too many to mention! Love the scavenger hunts on Christmas morning. The maps to follow . . etc.

June 30 - What is your birthstone and what color is it?
Aquamarine . . . light blue.

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