July 11, 2008

Friday Favorites

Sock monkey's . . . any shape, form, size, or color! I am having a fetish for them right now for some reason . . . just love them!

Ok so b/f I got pregnant w/ the boys I went diet crazy and lost over 40 pounds. I stuck to my goals and nixxed soda and tea all together . . . well. I think now that I HAVE the boys and they are in their 'terrible two' stage that I NEED my cokes! LMAO! I have to have 1 of these each day, sometimes 2, but trying to stick w/ 1 and hopefully get back to NONE soon. So bad . . . bad, bad. UGH!

My new ribbon storage . . . this idea was posted on a board I frequent of another blog link to this idea . . . I love it. This is just my 'orange' category, but I plan to do all my other colors the same way and hang them from hooks in my room somewhere. This is a WHOLE LOT BETTER than digging thru a drawer! LOL!


Kristi said...

I saw sock monkey slippers at Target yesterday and thought of you!

Shanna (aka sjl202) said...

OMG . . I wanted the sock monkey pj's they had a while back! :(