July 18, 2008

Friday Favorites!

I must be in a stamp phase, or completely nuts! (I know you are saying STAMP PHASE, STAMP PHASE . . . right? Hey? Hello?) . . anyway, my entire Friday Favorites is 'all about stamps' today! LOL! Maybe my (soon to be arriving on my doorstep hopefully next week) CTMH order from Jen will help calm my 'phase'. But here we go anyway . . .

My first is the new Making Memories acrylic stamps . . . I am starting to love them. I really want the 'open' tag one w/ the hand on it! LOL!

Some new Autumn Leaves stamps (well new to me at least)! They have probably been out on the market for a year or more, but I just now found them so I want them! LMAO! The following is just a *few* . . . so many more I want. Might need to update my list I have going on the right side bar! LOL!

Autumn Leaves Father's Day

Autumn Leaves Fourth of July

Autumn Leaves Postmark Stars

Lastly . . TIM HOLTZ new line of stamps! Not sure why b/c they are really not my style (yet), but I love them! They would be PERFECT for cards and tags!


Kelci said...

Yeah, totally not feeling the Tim Holtz ones. I can't even picture how you'd use them on a layout. But I really like the Autumn Leaves.

Kristi said...

While I don't love *all* of the TH stamps, a few of them are pretty snazzy...especially the nature ones. Now, if I could actually USE my stamps....