August 13, 2008

Cyber Journal Catch-Up!

Lots and lots of catching up to do, so deal w/ it until I catch up! LOL!

July 5th - "Why so rebellious? Write about a time when you didn't give a darn about the rule/rules." Um, probably Senior year or right after I graduated from High School. I just flew by the seat of my pants most days then! Fun, fun times . . . always on the go!

July 6th - "Did they all play fetch? List the names of five or ten dogs from your lifetime. Write about why one sparks a stronger memory to you than the others." I don't think I have 'known' 5 dogs! Hee. Josie is our dog now . . . no she doesn't play 'fetch' . . we 'fetch' it for her. She is rotten though!

July 7th - "What is an unpleasant experience you had eating? Write a poem, paragraph, or something else about the experience." Probably several, but no particular one. Those times when someone is watching you 'try' a new recipe and you choke it down just to please them to smile and say it is awesome! Or you bite into something and um about cough it back up b/c it is not the same texture as it should be.

July 8th - "What makes you special? Write a piece that explains three things about you that make you a VERY unique person." Oh wow . . . I could go on and on here! LOL! J/K! I 'think' I am creative, friendly, open-minded . . . please no comments on this one, K?

July 9th - "What made it so bad? Write about your worst habit or about someone else's." Mine? Would probably be popping my knuckles! My dh yells at me all the time for it b/c it annoys him! :)

July 10th - "When was the last time you even saw a 'coaster'? What meaning of the word 'coaster' inspires the best memory for you? Write about it." This is funny. Um, this past weekend I tried to work on a coaster swap I am in, but I had no mojo so I couldn't! A coaster means scrapbooking to me now! LOL!

July 11th - "Did they have a kids' menu? Write about the restaurant that was your favorite when you were younger." I remember eating at Andy's alot when we were kids. I left my purple purse there one time . . . my mom got so mad at me b/c she had to call to see if it was still there and then we had to go back and get it! :)

July 12th - "What is a habit that most people find unpleasant? Either write a piece that focuses on that habit, or write about a fictional character who has that habit, but write it in such a way that it doesn't seem so unpleasant." I can't stand loud chomping or smacking. It is like chalkboard when you can hear someone chewing. I am weird I know.

July 13th - "How do you picture the best day of your life that hasn't happened yet? Write about it." Hum, spending it w/ my family and it being very relaxing. No fights to break up . . . complaints, etc

July 14th - "What goes on in your head? To not be bored, people often do interesting stuff. Write about a 'game' you play with the world in order to 'kill' boredom." When I am bored I am always thinking of things I need to be doing . . my 'to-do' list! So you ask why I would be bored in the first place anyway huh? LOL!

July 15th - "Did you take enough sun screen and bug repellent? Tell the story of something that happened on a favorite summer vacation with your family." I never had to worry about it. My mom always dosed us up good w/ both and made us where shirts to cover up whenever we went out in the sun.

July 16th - "How dumb did you feel? Write about a time you got swindled or ripped off." I will never forget I got screwed out of a book order in elementary school. I ordered about 15 books and my mom paid for them, but when the order came in another girl said the order was hers and no one had any backup to prove it so we had to split the books. AND she got some of the boys that I really wanted! I was so upset!

July 17th - "When did you last feel incredibly spoiled? Write about it." Um probably yesterday when I got a package in the mail from a friend. She sent me several items she really didn't have to send me. I am so thankful for my online friends I have met through the years!

July 18th - "How would you greet yourself? Write about your alter ego, your long-lost clone, or your evil twin as if he/she was a person you could meet on the street." If I saw MY twin? I would probably faint or laugh . . then think of cool ways to get my 'to-do' list done in twice the time!

July 19th - "How did they get your goat? Write about the time you made your parents the angriest. Tell parts of the story as though they were happening in slow motion." Probably one of the times I wrecked my cars . . yes plural. They weren't to happy w/ me either time! :(

July 20th - "Did you know what it was before opening it? Write about a time you received something unexpected in the mail." Yesterday . . . a package from my friend, it was so sweet of her to think of me and take the time to send me some scrappin stuff! Thank you b/c you know who you are! :)

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