August 14, 2008

More Cyber Journal 'Catch-up'!!!

July 21st - "Where does a smile come from? Write about the person from your past or present who made or makes you smile the most." My boys most definitely! They crack me up most of the time watching them ‘interact’ with each other!

July 22nd - "What was the most important lesson you learned OUTSIDE of school?" You have to learn from your mistakes!

July 23rd - "What was the hardest thing to give up? Old toys . . I hated to see people taking off ‘my’ toys when we would have a garage sale!

July 24th - "Are you in your prime yet? Choose one prime number (2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43, 47, 53, 57, 59, etc). Which best represents an age in your life that was 'prime.'" I would have to pick 29 (my age now) b/c I have my boys, my family!

July 25th - "Who stole your breath away? Write about a time you found it hard to breathe properly." Probably not where this question was going, but I would have to say during my c/s w/ my boys . . . during the middle it got hard for me to breath . . it was like I was gasping for air and couldn’t get enough.

July 26th - What piece of junk are you keeping? HA . . . I have too much. I have a stash of stuff right now that I ‘think’ I will alter one day (cans, etc) . . . irritates my dh to no end! Gotta love piles of junk!

July 27th - Hot or cold? I like it cold better . . . can snuggle up, but hate all the extra clothes and jackets!

July 28th - What's something you no longer own that you wish you still owned? Right now? MY CAR! Would be saving a TON on gas!

July 29th – What inspires you to scrapbook? I want to be able to leave behind cherished memories in a ‘creative’ way!

July 30th – Current random thought? I am really tired and just want to take a week off work to relax and catch up on my home stuff!

July 31st – What’s for dinner? HA . . . . um, not sure . . . it is dh’s turn to cook tonight! YAY!

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