November 6, 2008

Miss you . . . .

One of my boys 'favorite' daycare teachers is leaving TODAY! Super sad . . I liked her so much! She was the one that got the Christmas gifts I made last year Christmas Bucket & the Mrs. Melanie Clipboard . . well, her last day at the daycare is today. The boys loved her, I loved her . . heck she was a twin herself so she somewhat bonded w/ the 2 sets of twins she had in her class.

Anyway . . enough sappy stuff . . I had the boys sit down last night and decorate the inside of the cards for me to give to her today w/ a little gift. Each boy got their own personal card to her rather than grouping them together like I always seem to do. We traced their hand prints and colored circles . . the whole 9 yards. I hope she likes it and knows we will miss her!

But I was beginning to wonder what I would make their teacher this year and since Mrs. Melanie was still their teacher during my 'thinking' process . . um, no thoughts were coming out for her! LOL! So now they will have a new teacher . . guess what she will be getting?? Yep . . clipboard & bucket (maybe).


Deann said...

Awww...sad for the boys (and you!) that she's leaving! Bet she's going to love those cards though!

mE said...

oooh! I love these cards!! So "out of the box" and fun and happy :)

Inky Smiles!