November 21, 2008

Quickie Card

So it's after 10pm here. My nephews birthday party is tomorrow and I will not be home at all tomorrow morning (yard sale) and guess what I realized? I don't have a card for him. Hum . . . so scratching my head I come in my scraproom and pray I have one already assembled that was somewhat 'child-friendly' (is that a word??), anyway . . I don't (of coarse)! So I see this monkey paper laying on my desk from the 'monkey lo' I did last week and thought . . here we go! This is what popped out in less than 10 minutes, now I get to go to bed (just hope I don't forget the gift tomorrow on my way out the door at 6:00am)!!! :)

I was able to use up: leftover crystal sticker strip, leftover ribbon, AND some old stickers I have been holding onto forever! YAY!


Deann said...

WOW!! Doesn't look like that only took you 10 minutes! You are the queen of cards!

mom2andrew&leo said...

Love the card! Andrew will never really know it was for him. I think I will keep it to myself ;)