January 15, 2009

I'm slow . . . you guys should know that by now!

But a HUGE thanks to Kelsy over at Jill of All Trades for honoring me w/ this award a while back (yes, I am just getting around to posting this today) . . . I have been super busy - which also explains the lack of sketches lately, but anyway! THANKS KELSY, if you haven't already you should check out her blog . . her work is amazing and her cutie patootie dd is so precious!

Here are the rules: Link back, and pass it on to 5 of your favourites, or 6 if you're like me and can't help but break the rules! My bad-ness has to come from somewhere, right?

First up is Keeley . . loving her blog and all the deals she finds! Keep them coming Keel's - AKA Mrs. Enabler!!!

Second (and remember these are in NO particular order), Mrs. Andrea! She has 2 blogs, but I am nominating her sketching/craft blog! Loving her new look, but still waiting for some new sketches, er, um . . . I guess I can't talk much . . so take your time girlee!

Third is Mrs. Mandie . . her work is amazing and I am always in 'awh' of how detailed she gets in each, but yet also so simple. Keep it coming girl!!!

Fourth . . Katt . . . we don't get to talk much anymore b/c we don't frequent some of the same boards. And sad she moved off, clear across the U.S. and we can't meet up at crops anymore, but still love checking out her blog . . her work is amazing! (And yes . . I still have to do that photo tag thing you sent me! I haven't forgotten!!!)

And last . . such a sweetie! Sarah over at Scrapruption! We share the same obsession = Stampin' Up products! LMAO! She has some great challenges ever so often so CHECK HER BLOG OUT!!!

Ok, whew! So enjoy you guys and thanks again Kelsy for my award!!!

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