January 19, 2009

My FIRST Ever . . . RETREAT!!!

That's right I get to go on my first EVER scrapbook retreat this weekend!!! I thought I would start it off right and travel clear across the United States! LMAO! I am so excited to finally get to meet some ladies I have been talking to online for over 3 years now! I get to meet Mrs. Crafty Mama herself Kelci; which is such a sweetie and will be babysitting me while there! I get to stay in her 'homestead' and meet the Crafty Girls, and Crafty Papa! I also get to meet the lovely sisters from Wisconsin, Keeley and Shana!!! Mrs. Kat, Mrs. Jen, Mrs. Andrea, and Mrs. Kristi!!! I can't wait!! I leave out on Thursday morning (super early, going to be dragging come 8pm CA time!!!) . . . and I don't leave till Monday mid-morning!!! I doubt I get much scrapping done, but one can always HOPE!!!

Can't wait to see you guys!!!


roxybonds said...

We're gonna have SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see you on Friday girl!

Carla said...

Retreats are so much fun! Enjoy your weekend!

Kristi said...

Woo Hoo!!! I am so completely excited!!!

Keels said...

Thursday is almost here...I can't wait!!

Oh my bags are packed, I'm ready to go!! I can't remember the rest of the song...hehehe!!

See you soon girlie!!

Andrea said...


I am counting the hours! omigod, by this time tomorrow you will be meeting kelci!!!

Shana said...

And she will be meeting the fabulous Shana...lol. J/K.
Can't wait!