January 2, 2009


Happy NEW YEAR everyone! I hope this year brings health and happiness for everyone (and lots of scrapping too)!

As for me . . I hope this year is alot better than last year. Lots of things happened last year and I just look for it to be better this year (and hope it will be)!

So . . w/ a new year brings those dreadful resolutions! So here are mine . .

1) Spend more weekends as a family and NOT on the computer, scrapping, cleaning, etc . . . just spend it w/ my family!
2) Eat healther, lose weight, exercise more and get more active.
3) Keep my house neater and more organized.
4) Be better at meal planning and saving money, coupon clipping, etc . .
5) Scrap more layouts and less swaps!
6) Finish the boys 1 year albums! :) (Don't laugh at that one please)

So . . what are yours? Post them on your blog and link here if you do!

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Anonymous said...


There's mine. Already broke two! (biting nails and being frugal...)...LMBO.