April 21, 2009

Happy Earth Day!!!

Remember my post a while back about a Circle of Friends doing a 'Blog Hop'? Well we have now decided to do a challenge once a month and post them on our blog all the same day so more 'blog hopping' can happen.

So with our first challenge we honor Earth Day . . the challenge was to use something 'recycled' on a layout or project. I took this a little too seriously and used 4 recycled items on my layout, YES . . a LAYOUT, not a card!!! Excited? LMAO!

First up I used a leftover peice of packaging from an order I placed a LONG time ago . made the PERFECT backpiece for my layout!

Then I used part of the plastic packaging from yep . . another order, who knew you could actually get so many scrapbook supplies just from ordering more stuff? LOL!

Here you can see the recycled plastic packaging cut w/ the Stampin' Up! Top Note Die Cut . . . distressed a bit to make it show up better.

My other 2 items were a rubber band I had in my desk drawer at work, it was HUGE . . came in with a HUGE package we got and I just liked it b/c it was so big, it had been sitting in my desk forever - so off to home it went w/ me. Then I spotted a washer dh had left laying around the house, oops . . mine now! Hope it didn't go to something important! Hee!

Here you see the rubber band I stole from work and the 'washer' I stole from dh! LOL! Not like he will miss it! Hee!

And the final product! See? You can do a good layout (at least I hope you think it is good) with recycled items around your home (and CHEAP), I still have enough paper left from the scraps to make at least 3 cards! I apologize for the bad lighting in this picture, I finished this late last night! LOL!

So now that you have seen my project for Earth Day . . hop on over to Andrea's Blog, then to the next (look for our Blog Hop Button like the one below!!). We hope you get some GREAT ideas for recycling items for your scrapbooking projects to use yourself! Happy Earth Day!


Heather said...

Yay! Shanna scrapped! Great Earth Day LO, and you used the Green Stack too!

roxybonds said...

Love it Shanna!

mom2andrew&leo said...

Love how this turned out and you used so many recycled items! Glad you found time to squeeze it in. :)

Tweetest Background Designer said...

shanna, no sets of twins...But my last little boy the baby was a twin, his twin did not make it.. So I actually have 8 kids, just seven living. not the rest, I did them one by one, I know I am crazy!

Julia said...

awesome Lo! love all the items you used!

Tiffany said...

Great LO! What a creative idea to use the cardboard packaging!

KelsyC said...

That turned out great Shanna! LOVE it!

Jean from jlfstudio said...

Love the Earth Day layout Shanna. I've been making cards and other projects with this kind of stuff for years and getting teased about my "freebies". Probably why the crimper is my favorite tool (or was until the Big Shot) since it made new paper look like my favorite corrogated cardboard!

Too funny also that I found this exact type of rubber band on the floor of my stamp room last night and wondered what I would do with it! Now I know!

Besides the usual reasons for loving Earth Day it also happens to be my late husbands birthday so we always loved that everyone was celebrating with us :D. Not to mention Steve was an "earthy" kind of guy...Earth Shoes...Backpacking and Rockclimbing get you face to face with the Earth...etc.

Earthy hugs and blessings and thanks for sharing - Jean

Andrea said...

Oh Shanna! That is an awesome layout! So creative... I'll have to totally copy you!

Jenn C. said...

This is awesome!! You are very creative with "junk" lol! I try to use my stuff around the house but it never works with me and I end up tearing it up...tfs.