May 5, 2009

Blog Hopping Again!

It is that time again . . .

The theme this 'hop' was Mother's Day . . . do something related to being a mom, a Mother's Day gift, etc. I took it a different way and included my boys (the reason I am a mom) in w/ my love of scrapping.

It was just me and the boys this past Saturday (my dh had to work all day) and I REALLY needed something for the boys to do b/c it was raining and wet . . . so I pulled out some cardstock (yep, that good textured stuff) and included them in my hobby.

I let them color, and then we pulled out the paint. They were so excited! It was fun enjoying time w/ them on a RAINY day just the 3 of us. Later that night I did this layout to complete it. I showed it to them on Sunday and they could not quit giggling b/c their 'stuff' was on a layout of mine! LOL!

So now that you have viewed my project . . . Blog Hop on over to Andrea's blog to check out her project for the week! Remember to leave some comments so we know you are enjoying this little hop and we can keep doing it!


Jane said...

Hi - LOVE your layout and it makes the kids feel so special to be a part of making our layouts.when my daughter finished Grade 1 last year and just learning to write I had her hand write answers to questions like who her BF was, favourite colour, etc. and I included her answers in her writing on the layout - she wants to do this every year.
Have a great day !

mom2andrew&leo said...

Sooo cute! I love their artwork! Oh and I've got to get me some of those robots :)

Devon said...

great LO! Love how you used thier art work. great way to get them involved in your hobby!

roxybonds said...

so cute using their artwork on your layout!!!