September 2, 2009

Crafty Mama Baggy Give Away!

Want to win a ONE OF A KIND Crafty Mama Bag??? Here is your CHANCE, don't let it pass!!! Look at this B-U-T-FULL bag you could win!!!!

Now . . all you have to do is go to Crafty Mama's Blog and do the same as I did!!!

While you are there . . check THIS out! I have a bag design NAMED AFTER ME!! You guys all better buy one too! Tell her Shanna sent ya!! :)

Here is 'The Shanna Bag' design . . . basic . . . LOVE IT, BIG . . REALLY LOVE IT! Too bad this one is sold . . TO ME! Do you think I would let the FIRST EVER 'Shanna Bag' go into someone else's hands?? :) But you can TOTALLY get your OWN 'Shanna Bag' in her SHOP!!!


Bonnie said...

omg you are sooo spoiled! LOL I can't believe you have a bag named after you. ;)

Shasta said...

That's hilarious!!