January 22, 2010

Teacher's Pill Bottles

I decided to do the boys daycare teacher a goody basket in appreciation for all she does for the kids in her class. She always goes all out every holiday and has been the only teacher I know (so far) that gets down and dirty w/ them! So in appreciation I threw together a basket of 'relaxing' stuff for her! From soaps, lotions, chocolate's, etc.. Then I decided to throw in some 'pills' as a little humor. I searched and searched online for 'directions' b/c I KNOW I have seen them b/f . . . but couldn't find any so I made my own up! I am sharing them w/ you in case you would like to do something similar! ENJOY!

Stress Relief Pills

Directions: Swallow 3 pills upon signs of stress. If in 5 minutes stress is not in a manageable state, down the whole bottle in one gulp. Add chocolate if desired.

Relaxation Medication

Directions: Take 5 pills of varying colors with a large glass of milk. Lay on couch with television on . . in 20 seconds take 5 more, change channel to desired program, take 5 more, swig milk, take 5 more . . . take 5 more . . .