January 14, 2008

Cyber Journal (Catch-up)!

Jan. 12 - You look up to ______________ because... Gosh . . just 1 person? I have so many. I guess my hubby b/c he lives everyday in that day. He is not a stresser and lives for the moment. That one moment. He always looks at the bright side of things and never the bad side. I need to be more like him! (Add that to my New Year's resolution list!)!!

Jan. 13 - List the jobs you've had during your life.
Just the 'titles' for privacy and safety reasons:
Pizza flipper! (HA)
Supervisor @ retail store
Cashier @ retail store
Merchandiser @ retail store
Account's Payable Clerk
Planning/Programming Clerk???

Jan. 14 - Are you afraid of death? Yep, pretty much in a way.

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