January 14, 2008

The 'missing' Post-It Notes!

Ok . . so I have been working on cleaning and organizing my scraproom for like a month now (on & off) . . gesh . . it was messy, but not that messy! LOL! Well ok . . maybe it was!

BUT . . GUESS WHAT I FOUND???? I stack of post-it notes with sketches on them that I had never drawn up! I was shocked!

Side note for those that don't know: When an idea comes to me (usually at work) . . I sketch a 'draft' out on whatever I have near . . which is usually a Post-It Note at work! So thus, the reasoning for the 'missing Post-It Notes'!

Anyway . . How could I have miss-placed them? Well ok . . if you had seen my scraproom maybe you could understand how!

Anyway . . I have been working on drawing them up this weekend! Just need to scan them in and post them! Hope you guys 'stay-tuned' for them! They will be posted soon!

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