March 25, 2008

Cyber Journal

March 24 - What are some unfinished projects hanging over my head?
Well right now I still have a Halloween book sitting on my table that I 'meant' to finish for my mom for Christmas! HA! I really need to get it done, it is not like it is hard to do . . . just need to do it!
Plus, I have some layouts I need to do and get listed to make some MOOLA! UGH! Mama needs MONEY!

March 25 - Your dream job would be...
I would love to be a criminal investigator OR an architect! BUT . . in reality, I would just love being able to work from home and spend some time w/ my boys!

1 comment:

CMB said...

Don't even ask! Everything is unfinised...

I would/should have been a teacher. So much better for a working mom.