July 31, 2008

Friday Favorites (a tad bit early)!

Doing this early b/c I am getting off early tomorrow as well as my dh and we are going to surprise our boys w/ getting them out of dc early and taking them out to Chucky Cheese for some fun (and Mama some pizza) . . . oops did I say that?
This weekend is 'family weekend' . . aka = no cpu, no scrapping, JUST family stuff . . so my blog will probably be very um, empty next week w/ no new creations! Sorry! Family comes first! :) So . . . now on to my friday fave . . . sweet and simple in 'loo' of our family weekend.

MY BOYS!!! :)

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DigiDandyDesigns said...

I love that photo. I do have to say that you are a very brave family to tackle Chuck e Cheese. We avoid that place at all costs. :)