October 17, 2008

Friday Favorites!

Ok so I haven't done this in a while . . but w/ sick children, off work . . crazy work I have not had a speck of time to pull this together . . so let's say today is probably going to be my 'makeup' for all those missed Friday Favorites! SO here we go . .

If you know me at all . . you KNOW I am in a serious 'OWL' fetish . . I have 'tried' to keep it only in my scrapbooking, but it seems to be sprouting wings . . I was given an ADORABLE OWL bag from a dear friend a while back . . then I broke down and bought an OWL Halloween shirt to wear this year, but as far as I know the rest of my 'OWL' fetish has stayed pretty much in my scrapbooking! LOL! So here are some 'non-scrapbooking' OWL stuff I have my eyes on! LOL!

First an ADORABLE Hoot Owl Pendant . . . isn't he just SO cute??? You can find him HERE still available!

Next . . an OWL t-shirt . . . so cute! But I am not that skinny . . . LOL! You can find this shirt HERE!

Next . . another OWL charm, but this one is one of those cute popular Scrabble Title pieces . . you can find this one HERE!

And this little lady sold b/f I had a chance to get her on my Friday Favorites, but gosh dog isn't she just so ADORABLE! The detail is amazing! You 'could have' bought her HERE, but check out her other family members in this ladies shop! Too cute!

So have I absolutely made you completely SICK of OWL'S?? I hope not, because I am sure you will be seeing alot more of them on my blog! :)

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Caitlin said...

I love all the owl stuff :) My friend, Shasta, sent me the link to your blog because I am obsessed with the owls lately also and she knew that I would just love your blog. It's nice to know that I am not the only owl lover :D